Modern information technologies in international relations Print




The digital age dictates new trends in international relations.
The monograph by A. I. Smirnov "Modern information technologies in international relations" systematically examines megatrends of the development of ICT as the locomotive of the socialization of mankind, as well as their role in the modern information support of the foreign policy process, including "soft power 2.0". In the conditions of development of Industry 4 and NBIC-technologies, new opportunities and challenges for the matrix of national and international security are being explored.

In the book, taking into account foreign experience, the role of innovative digital technologies is considered in detail, incl. Cognitive information-analytical and geo-information systems in such topical areas as situational-crisis and electronic diplomacy.

In the context of aggravation of global competition, special attention is paid to the theoretical and practical aspects of ensuring the security of diplomatic missions, as critical information infrastructure facilities, methods of combating viruses and spyware, as well as in the discourse of threats to international information security and hybrid wars.

Given the rapid processes of strengthening the role of digital technologies in geopolitical competition, the book can be useful for a wide range of readers interested in such topical areas of international relations.